We have been creating programs of the current generation since 2003, but ULISSES started its activity in 1993 by creating a team of designers, programmers and implementers. The main activity was designing, creating and implementing own programs for company management. In addition, ULISSES sold computer hardware, thus creating a comprehensive range of computer systems for a rapidly growing business.

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  Along with the development of the Internet, in 1996, the department for designing and maintaining the websites of our clients was developed. Many years of experience helped us create functional and aesthetic projects - in the Web design industry we were perceived as a local leader.

  In response to the growing requirements of the existing market and the development of completely new industries, in 2003 a new program with the trade name Comotel was designed at ULISSES. Solutions included in it are the result of one-sided experience in designing programs, on the other hand, the result of the dynamically changing software market of software users. They are currently more demanding and expect to be able to adapt the programs to their needs. New industries have also been created - and are still being created - rather new segments of the software market. The Comotel program designed by ULISSES responds to these needs - it has been installed and implemented since 2005.

  As part of further organizational development on 1 June 2013, the company ULISSES Sp. z o.o. which took over the duties of the current civil partnership. From August 2013, web design was moved to external companies. We intend to focus on the main product line - industry-specific business management programs.

  Reacting to the dynamically changing market needs, ULISSES has been offering a new product based on cloud technology (cloud) since 2015 - the QUINNO internet platform. On this foundation, depending on the needs of users, we generate its industry applications - eShops, franchise management, management of Suppliers and Customers. At the same time, we are developing two products - the local Comotel application and the QUINNO web-based application.

  For the needs of the programming department, an Integrated Implementation System was created, which ensures efficient service of programs used by clients.