Program Comotel Rental of machines settles rental of machinery and construction equipment, landings, cranes, road machines, renting containers, trailers, etc. Implemented and developed for 10 years, is intended for rental companies (rental companies) and construction companies - facilitates customer service, planning and control of construction equipment .
playWynMB  By automating routine activities, the program reduces labor consumption by 75%. Is it possible to issue invoices for the lease of all machines in less than 3 minutes, for all constructions, for all customers, for a whole month? 
Yes, several dozen program users use such functions in their daily work. They guarantee that the Comotel program will settle your equipment accurately and quickly.

 "Although the sale of complex solutions is a difficult task for most suppliers, it is even more difficult for most customers to buy them" - Harvard Business Review Polska, March 2017

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Industries that can support the Comotel program. Rental of Machines and Devices:
  • construction machines
  • power
  • lifts, landings
  • road machines
  • containers
  • generator
  • IT equipment
  • coffee makers
  • other - after adjustment (2-3 weeks)
The key functions of the Comotel program (Rental of Construction Machines): 
  • Issues, Returns, Invoices
  • Automatic Lease Invoicing - FAM function  
  • Quantity control on construction sites - we always know where our machines are
  • Register of Machines - division into groups, rates, parameters
  • Directory of contractors, history of events - system CRM   See the video
  • Rental rates threshold - daily, weekly and monthly
  • Service - service orders. Downtime

Reporting - printouts of documents and statements  (over 200 reports included in the price)

  • he degree of utilization of machines (utilization) See the raport 
  • the degree of machine use - groups   See the raport - groups
  • revenues and costs of each machine See the sample report
  • list of issues / returns from the given period for the selected construction / contractor
  • sales by sales group  Print by documents   
  • a list of equipment on selected construction sites
  • a list of equipment at the selected contractor
  • export of reports to pdf, xls, csv, doc, txt
  • data visualization using Qlik Sense See the video

Other modules and functions

 See references        See references - map