Programs for the rental industry are our trademark. Why do we feel extremely competent here? Because we have experience since 2005, over 150 implementations (September 2017), we facilitate work in various industries: rental of machines, cars, scaffolding, equipment, aggregates, equipment for beer gardens, etc.

Industries that can handle our rental programs:
  • construction machines
  • caffolding, formwork, fences
  • cars
  • power
  • lifts, landings
  • road machines
  • forklifts
  • rehabilitation equipment
  • toilets
  • containers
  • planes
  • road signs
  • generator
  • workwear
  • IT equipment (events)
  • catering, furniture (events)
  • coffee makers
  • equipment for beer gardens

Each rental industry has its own specificity and we always adapt our programs to the procedures applicable at a particular rental. And vice versa - we are happy to share our experience. 

 Currently, we offer three products that systematically develop:

1. Local application Comotel - an extensive program with many modules and web overlays

2. Web application Quinno - a simple, mobile program for tablets, smartphones and laptops

3.Web Application Platform Quinno (PAQ) - to manage the network of Partners forming the rental network