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Prepared software for managing web applications - Quinno platform. We can adapt it to a specific industry specifics. Web Application Platform Quinno (PAQ) is a mobile tool, applications are available for tablets, smartphones and laptops, works 24/7. Examples of the PAQ platform application:

1. For service companies in the IT industry - offering web applications to its vertical groups, eg law firms, notaries, optical institutions, beauty salons, organizations public benefit, social organizations, collection points, etc.   See more...

2. Providing access to the web application of the Partner network (suppliers of services and goods of the selected industry, e.g. rental, service, or other specialized services). For example, a machine manufacturer organizes a rental network, but each of them is an independent entity. Similarly, the home appliances manufacturer organizes a network of services run by independent entities, etc.  Rental network (Partners) - see more ...

3. Managing your own network of service and goods providers (eg a machine rental network, a network of coffee maker services, etc.).    Rental network - see more ...      Network of services - see more ...     

Let's summarize:     

  • technology that ensures mobility
  • database in the cloud (own or any provider)
  • the system "Headquarters, many Suppliers, each supplier has its clients and document history"
  • we will adapt to the specifics of the industry

   The PAQ platform is not engraved in stone. We will adapt it to your needs.